More About the Reliable Piano Tuning Expert Airville, PA

With more than 45 years in the piano repair service industry in York, PA, I have been lucky to say I have always loved my job and it shows in the many happy customers I have around the area. Piano Tuning by Machulis is the company locals call when they need someone to take a comprehensive care of their favorite instrument so that they can keep using it to its full potential. Learn more about me here!

Piano Tuner

How I Stand Out?

Being a piano tuning expert is a trade that runs in the family. Repairing and restoring old pianos have always been a passion of mine. It’s extremely important for my job to be able to hear the notes clearly and to distinguish what sounds wrong and what doesn’t. That’s why I’ve spent long years in mastering my listening skills in order to make Piano Tuning by Machulis the preferred tuning business in the area.

Why Trust Me?

Whenever you need the help of a piano repair service provider in York, PA, you can rely on me and the years of practice I have in this area. I can guarantee you will have the pleasure of playing a finely tuned piano that looks and performs great once you choose to work with me.

Schedule a visit by a professional piano tuning expert today at (717) 220-8091!

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