The Other Areas I Cover

Piano Tuning by Machulis is the reliable local company that provides an exceptional piano tuning service, as well as performing repairs and maintenance, rekeying and more. If you are located in York, PA or any of the areas listed below, don’t hesitate to contact me if your instrument needs any of the already mentioned services. Playing your favorite music will sound great again.

We Serve The Following Locations:

  • Grantley, PA;

  • Shiloh, PA;

  • Emigsville, PA;

  • Yorklyn, PA;

  • Stonybrook, PA

As mentioned above, I also offer a reliable piano tuner service which is aimed at getting fixed everything that is obstructing your piano’s performance from being pitch-perfect. Whether it involves hammer shaping or felt replacement, you will have it done at the scheduled time.

Why You Need a Piano Technician

Most commonly, one is needed when your piano sounds out of tune and the strings need to be stretched regularly before stabilized again. Since wood is the most popular material used for piano making, humidity is a problem as it is for furniture. Moisture gets in the cracks and between elements and it changes the tension between them. And that’s just one reason why it might need tuning. Keeping its sound perfect is important for your craft and I can do it in an affordable way.

Give me a call to schedule my services at (717) 220-8091 and get your piano in a top state!

Services List

  • Piano Tuning Services
  • Piano Repairs & Maintenance
  • Rekeying & Restringing
  • Piano Action Regulation
  • Piano Cleaning & Polishing
  • Piano Remodeling Services
  • Piano Appraisals Service
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