How to Protect Your Piano

How Your Instrument Will Benefit From a Piano Repair Expert

Many of my first-time clients in York, PA often ask me how my services benefit their pianos. This is what prompted me to write this article on the advantages of using a professional piano repair expert.

Piano tuning is not quick or convenient, however, they are necessary when you want to keep your instrument in good working condition, in material of whether you play; you should consider how your piano’s value greatly relies on its condition, should you ever decide to sell it.

Frequent Piano Tuning Do Prevent Major Damage

Pianos are quite complex instruments; and when one part performs below par, the overall quality of the instrument will suffer also. Bad tuning can also be a symptom of another problem, and strings that are out-of-tune are strong indicators that your instrument is in need of a tune-up.

Regular piano tuning will also prevent damage, why? Because correct and frequent string tension is vital to the health of multiple delicate piano parts, which are extremely expensive to fix. Tuning will help all of these parts to work together smoothly, thus preventing damage to or from neighboring pieces.

If your piano has not been tuned for years, it may need corrective treatments, which can often increase your bill anywhere from $50-$250. below are 2 common procedures that a professional piano repair expert will use to fix severely bad tuning.

Pitch-Raising is a pre-tuning process that will prepare the strings that need tuning. And should this be done incorrectly, this can negatively impact the instrument’s timbre; sacrifice proper string vibration, and result in a twang or rattle when the strings hit any interference.

Double-Tuning is when a general tuning is done before fine-tuning. The first tuning is critical because the tuning process will cause weak strings to go out-of-tune, and starting with a fine-tuning would be a waste of time on strings that are severely out-of-tune.

And there you have it my readers, if you are in need of a professional tuner, then look no further than m, call Piano Tuning by Machulis today at (717) 220-8091 anytime.

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