Maintaining Your Piano for a Long Life

Tips From a Piano Technician to Properly Maintain Your Instrument

Pianos are very hearty instruments if you think about the thousands of precise, moving parts that they have. Pianos will give you and your family beautiful music to enjoy for a long time with only a bit of attention. However great they can be, they receive little to no consideration regarding proper maintenance and care, according to a piano technician.

Given how much it costs to repair and replace a piano, here are some important points to remember for proper piano care:


When people think about piano maintenance, tuning is the first thing that pops up. And rightfully so, if your piano is out of tune, it’s simply noisy furniture. Piano manufacturers typically recommend tuning your piano twice a year but in reality, many pianos are quite lucky to even get tuned once a year.

An older piano that has been stabilized after many years of service and dozens of tunings will stay in tune for a long time. And for brand new pianos, it’s best to tune it more than twice a year. The wood is still young and flexible, and likely to change shape, subtly, under the tension of its strings, forcing the piano to be out of tune. Tuning is difficult and very time-consuming process, so it’s best to call a local piano technician.


Over time, as you constantly use your piano, the felt coverings on the hammers start to compress where they hit the strings. This will change the tonal aesthetic. With voicing, this will adjust the density of the hammers, adjusting the tone it produces when the hammer hits the string. Your piano should be voiced to your own preference, especially when it’s moved to your home, during tuning or just when you notice the tones becoming strange.


A lot of pianos have an elegant wooden finish that makes it gorgeous to see and hear. And because of that, you might think the same wood polish you use at home can be used for your piano, don’t. Use a polish designed for piano or simply use a soft, damp cloth or a microfiber for dusting.

For the keys, it can be cleaned the same way. Just don’t use too much water. And one way to help them looking great is to leave the lid open once in a while. It is a best practice to close it to avoid dust build-up.

As for the interior, dusting from time to time would do. But it’s better to leave that part to a professional since it’s usually cleaned by dismantling the insides.

And the best for last: play it! The greatest way to keep your piano working is by playing it regularly.

If you need a professional piano technician in York, PA, don’t hesitate to consult with or contact Piano Tuning by Machulis for tuning and other services!

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