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Piano Tuning by Machulis is a professional service provider that cares about your instrument as much as you do! Based in York, PA and serving some of the greater regions, it’s a pleasure for me to help you slide your fingers on your remodeled, cleaned, tuned, or a rekeyed piano, so give me a chance to explain in more detail what I do on this page! Keep reading to find out!

Piano Tuning

If you own a piano, you must have heard about tuning at least once in your life, even if you haven’t done it yet. If you own a new piano, my advise is to tune it at least three or four times in the first year. Any piano owners in York, PA are welcome to use my services.

Quality Piano Tuning Service

Piano Tuning Service

Piano Rekeying

Piano Tuning by Machulis offers professional rekeying and restringing. If there is a broken key that either makes a tone or it stays silent when played, I can replace it for you. The same goes for keys that get stuck in one position when pressed down. Grand or upright, I can help you rekey your instrument in a quick and affordable manner.

Piano Repairs

I am ready to perform a variety of repairs for your piano. Be it caused by humidity or damage after moving it to your new home, I will assess what is needed and I will advise the best option for your instrument and your pocket. You won’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

Piano Cleaning & Polishing

Like every other instrument, proper care must be a regular routine for the owner. If not, signs of use will quickly take their toll on its surfaces and performance. You might know which product is right or how to apply it, but you might not have the time. However, I can assure you your piano will be safe with me.

Piano Appraisals

Maybe you are trying to sell your piano and get the best for its value. Don’t know how much it’s actually worth? Appraisals are current state assessments and they are aimed at establishing the condition of the ins and outs of your piano.

I also offer remodeling services to make your visual preferences match your instrument as closely as possible, so give me a phone call at (717) 220-8091 today for a free estimate and scheduling options!

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